Ueharas in Iejima

FROM JULY16 2001

We the Ueharas live in a small island named Iejima (Ie island)located northwest of Okinawa mainland.This site gives you interesting information about it.Good snorkeling points,beautiful photos short videos and so on.


Snorkeling points of Iejima

Iejima photo gallery-underwater-

Iejima photo gallery

Photo gallery-Churaumi aquarium-
It has the 2nd biggest fish tank in the world located Motobu peninsula Okinawa mainland.


Interesting points of Iejima(Written in Japanese)

Iejima News(Written in Japanese)

Ferry Time Table
Timetable of ferry between Ie Island and Mtobu(Okinawa)

Iejima dialect(Written in Japanese)
Pedgin Japanese which is used only Iejima or Okinawa.


Safety Information for safe snorkeling(Written in Japanese)

Is the sky of Iejima starry?

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